Install UltraVNC on Windows XP, 7 or on Windows 8 system Remotely


UltraVNC, is a great tool that helps you to monitor any pc in where you installed ultra vnc,
UltraVNC is free and can deploy in any no of PC, literally there is no limit on installing the software in 100s of systems.
UltraVNC can be installed in silent mode and visible mode, its easy to configure,

Now, lets see how to Install UltraVNC on Windows XP, 7 or on Windows 8 system Remotely on any PC.

First, you need to download the Sysinternals tools called PSExec, its free.

From a Windows system : Download PSExec

Now, Download UltraVNC

For X86
For x86_64(64 bit)

Once downloaded, copy the installation exe file to the target windows system using Windows file sharing.
if you have the remote systems Administrators Password.
use the explorer and type \\system-name\c$ and enter the administrators username & password.

Now, Paste the UltraVNC exe file on the c drive.
use the below command to do the same.

make sure, you change the system-name to your remote systems name.

we need to extract the PSExec files into a folder in c:, eg. C:\PSTools
now, open cmd prompt ” Run as administrator”.

As you are installing this remotely, You need to create the .ini file to load the ultravnc.

I have created a ultravnc.ini which has the perfect configuration to hide the system tray icon,

The password is set to “password

here goes the ini configuration file contents.

Now, Copy the ultravnc.ini configuration file to the remote Windows machine
say the file is created in c:\ultravnc\ultravnc.ini

Now, we need to Install UltraVNC as a Windows service on the remote Windows machine

You can able to use the VNC Viewer to see the remote system “system-name” remotely.

Do, drop in your comments and suggestions, if you see any mistakes on this article please give us your feedback.

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