ConfigServers Cpanel Plugins installation Guides

ConfigServers Cpanel Plugins installation Guides

Many uses Hardware firewalls on their Network to safeguard their networks & Servers.

but this may not be frequently customizable, (i didnt say hardware firewalls are not customizable, )

For a laymen words, People need easy accessible web based GUI to manage and configure.

To accomplish offers some half dozen of cpanel plugin.

Which is vastly used on cpanel based servers.

To give you short & quick guide on installing, I have made a list of commands to do this without opening multiple windows & files path.

Commonly,  we using a folder to store the files before installing, On our example we create a folder

To install, ConfigServer Security & Firewall called as csf

To install, ConfigServer ModSecurity Control called as cmc

To install, ConfigServer Mail Manage also called as cmm

To install, ConfigServer Mail Queues also called as cmq

Do, drop a line after your experiences

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