dstat Versatile tool resource statistics 1

dstat Versatile tool resource statistics

dstat Versatile tool resource statistics

dstat : Versatile tool for generating system resource statistics

Usage: dstat [-afv] [options..] [delay [count]]

Dstat options:Usage: dstat [-afv] [options..] [delay [count]]-c, --cpu              	enable cpu stats    -C 0,3,total          	include cpu0, cpu3 and total  -d, --disk             	enable disk stats 	-D total,hda           include hda and total-g, --page             	enable page stats-i, --int              	enable interrupt stats     -I 5,eth2         	include int5 and interrupt used by eth2-l, --load             	enable load stats-m, --mem          		enable memory stats-n, --net              	enable network stats     -N eth1,total      include eth1 and total-p, --proc             	enable process stats-r, --io               	enable io stats (I/O requests completed)-s, --swap             	enable swap stats     -S swap1,total     include swap1 and total-t, --time             	enable time/date output-T, --epoch            	enable time counter (seconds since epoch)-y, --sys              	enable system stats--aio                  	enable aio stats--fs, --filesystem     	enable fs stats--ipc                  	enable ipc stats--lock                 	enable lock stats--raw                  	enable raw stats--socket               	enable socket stats--tcp                  	enable tcp stats--udp                  	enable udp stats--unix                 	enable unix stats--vm                   	enable vm stats--plugin-name          	enable plugins by plugin name (see manual)--list                 	list all available plugins-a, --all              	equals -cdngy (default)-f, --full             	automatically expand -C, -D, -I, -N and -S lists-v, --vmstat           	equals -pmgdsc -D total  --bw, --blackonwhite   change colors for white background terminal  --float                	force float values on screen  --integer              	force integer values on screen  --nocolor              	disable colors (implies --noupdate)  --noheaders            	disable repetitive headers  --noupdate             	disable intermediate updates  --output file          	write CSV output to filedelay is the delay in seconds between each update (default: 1)count is the number of updates to display before exiting (default: unlimited)

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