Few firefox plugins thats so useful for providing technical support

Few firefox plugins thats so useful for providing technical support

Internet is very essentials for everything now a days, Got a cough search the internet for remedies, Need to get married search internet for Bride or Groom, Need to learn Kungfu 🙂 search the internet.

To use the internet and do all this browsing, we all need a browser and firefox is one of them.
I personally use firefox for my personal & official usages. I wont say its best or fastest internet browser available. but firefox is one of the best which i have used.(this means that there are other best internet browsers available too..)
If you are in service industry and using the browsers 24/7 to provide support to your clients, staff and have provide a quick reply to your support telephone calls or even for teaching stuff to your students, You need instance answers.

Instead of opening another Browser tab, type in the website and do queries and get results  will take time (i wouldn’t say it will take hours to get these results, atleast we can same some seconds)

instead we can use the Browser Addons to get this results instantly, when you access this website on the browser.
Few useful Addons & How to use it on the Firefox Browser.

1. dndetails (click here to get it)
Will be usefull in looking up the IP Address of a websites Hosted With Country Flag and the server type of the website its hosted (eg, IIS,Apache,Java and etc)

If you get (TypeError: Components.classes[‘;1’] is undefined) error message, Please follow this link to resolve it.

2. Search Status (click here to get it)
It will gives you the Alexa Rank of the website you accessed on the Browser TAB and Page rank of the website, with right click on the addon gives you direct link to the Alexa traffic details page of the website.

3. The Addon Bar restored (click here to get it)
in the new firefox versions, they have disabled the addon bars by default using this we can re-enable it for viewing more details of the addons in the bottom addon bar.

You can find the addon on work on the below Image.
firefox-addons-explainedI Work for a hosting company, so we require to find where the website hosted before answering them on the phone or on a chat.
This Addons come in handy, when i needed to know the IPAddress of the website, whether its hosted on Linux Apache or on IIS servers.

Say for an example, a customer calls and provides his domain & asking why my website dont support asp or, by simply loading the website on the browser you can know whether the website is hosted in apache or IIS, (if cloudflare is used, then we need to verify manually)

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