Guide on How to revert back the search bar on firefox based browsers to old Drop Down Menu

Guide on How to revert back the search bar on Firefox based browsers to old Drop Down Menu

Everyone loves to keep their PC or MAC updated with New Software upgrades and likes have the latest features.
It is kind of experience (feels good) that we believe our self that we have are superior by keeping the newer versions of software. “well i am one of those”

And, One more important reason we all wanted to keep updating our software’s are due to the security flaws & bugs on the current version.
When, Firefox released Version 34.0 (Release Notes) They also added this new Improved search bar which everyone kind of hate it or liked it.
You see that on this image
firefox-new-improved-searchYou can easily revert back this to the old firefox search bar,
Let me say something about the search bar which was there on Version 33
1. Its easy to select the Search Engine
2. Managing the Searching is easy and Not complex
3. Easy to understand on what you are doing.
4. Don’t have to spend time learn this New Improved search bar

Now, Guide goes Here.,

Just open the Firefox  or any Firefox based browsers.
In the Address Bar type in about:config

You will get the below warning Message


Click >> i’ll be careful, I promise!
In the top search bar type in >>
Double Click it, so it will change to false

As in below image
about-config-firefoxand Just restart the Firefox or Firefox Based browser.


ola………. it’s done


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