how to configure pop3 imap email-id in thunderbird 1

how to configure pop3 imap email-id in thunderbird

how to configure pop3 imap email-id in thunderbird

How to configure pop3 imap email-id in thunderbird, step by step guide for easy understanding.
First Step is to install the Thunderbird on your Computer.
We have already covered about installing the Thunderbird on Windows, Linux and MAC operating systems.You can find it here

STEP 1 :
Open the thunderbird, Choose Tools and click Account Settings


STEP 2 :
Now, click Account Actions as shown on the image below and click >> Add Mail Account.

step-2-pop3-email-setupSTEP 3 :
Now, Type in the details you wan to show as your name, when you send a mail to others. this name will be showin Your name, Email address & Password of your email account.


STEP 4 :
When you click Continue on the previous step, thunderbird will auto detect your configurations.
If it found a IMAP configuration, it will show the settings as example you can see the settings of gmail & google apps.
or, You can choose Manual Config

In this step, you should make sure, whether you want to use IMAP or POP3 method.


STEP 5 :
If you have selected Manual config, You will be shown the below window and you will be asked to fill in the details. The screen captured image will explain every thing.


STEP 6 :You are done, You can now send & try receiving the mails.


How to delete the POP3 and IMAP account from Thunderbird
If you want to delete the existing email account from the thunder bird, Follow the STEP 1 and follow the below steps.

Select the account click Remove Account


Confirm Deleting the email account from the Thunderbird


That is all,

do, drop in if you have any corrections or doubts, we will be happy to reply.


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