How to install community on Linux and use it


How to install community on Linux and use it

The Community is a Free Software which has a unified communication software and collaboration system that you can install on your own server.

It offers Mail and Calendar, You can say kind of an alternative to Microsoft Exchange and not easy installable Open Xchange Community Edition (by the way, when you ask OX that i cannot able to install use their Repository they will advise you to buy services from their partners)

You can install it on your own server and use it and kolab is are offering hosted Kolab offered by Kolab Now.

Now to the the installation part.
First you need to install EPEL Repository of the related Cent OS

For  Cent OS 6

For  Cent OS 7

 Now, You need to create or get the repositories of colab from their servers.
To do that,
For Cent OS 6

For  Cent OS 7

Now, You need to import GPG key used to sign packages that will be used to install community edition.



Now, You can install Community Edition by

Do drop in your comments.

Update : the Repo Mirror is having issues currently,  try again some time when the repo files are restored.


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