Installing Android Kitkat on Windows or Linux Operating using Virtualbox

Installing Android Kitkat on Windows or Linux Operating using Virtualbox

Installing the Android in Linux or on a Windows Operating system is not so complex.
Thanks to the X86 Project of Andriod By Chih-Wei Huang from

Openup the VirtualBox You installed on your PC or on Linux.

Click >> “New” button and choose Options as explained on the image Below. Choose Linux as Type and Other Linux as Version and Name your Installation.

step1-linux-windows-android-installation-virtualbox-initialsetupSetting Up the RAM for your Android Installation.
step2-linux-windows-android-installation-virtualbox-ram-setupNow, click Next and click Create Button as shown on the Below image to create a HDD image volume for the Android Installation on the Linux / WIndows Operating System.
step3-linux-windows-android-installation-virtualbox-harddisk-setupNow, choose the Hard drive file type, You have 6 types, just choose the VDI and click Next.
step4-linux-windows-android-installation-virtualbox-harddisk-type-setupChoose the path of the HDD image and name the HDD image here.
step5-linux-windows-android-installation-virtualbox-harddisk-size-setupSTEP 6 :
Once the Basic Setup is done, open the settings of the Android setup and choose “Storage” and choose the ISO Image which we have downloaded from

step6-linux-windows-android-installation-virtualbox-iso-mountSTEP 7 :
Start the Android SETUP.
step7-linux-windows-android-installation-virtualbox-iso-bootSTEP 7 Continues …
Choose Create/Modify partitions and press enter.
step7-linux-windows-android-installation-virtualbox-partitionSTEP 7 Continues …
Create a New Volume by choosing  >> “[New]” and press Enter
step7-linux-windows-android-installation-virtualbox-partition1 Next >> choose “[Primary]” and press Enter.
step7-linux-windows-android-installation-virtualbox-partition2In the Next page >> Choose “[Bootable]” and press Enter.

Now, the Next part use right “->” arrow button and choose “[Write]” and press Enter.

In the final part you will be asked
“Are you sure you want to write the partition table to disk ? (yes or no)” :
Type yes and press Enter
step7-linux-windows-android-installation-virtualbox-partition3Now, choose “Quit” and press Enter

STEP 8 :
Here, choose the partition “sda1    Linux VBOX HARDDISK” and press Enter
step8-linux-windows-android-installation-virtualbox-choose-partition-installSTEP 9 :
Now, choose ext3 partition type and press Enter
step9-linux-windows-android-installation-virtualbox-choose-partition-type-ext3STEP 9 Continues:
Here, you will be asked to confirm to write the Boot Loader on the partition, choose ok and Enter.
step9-linux-windows-android-installation-virtualbox-choose-partition-type-ConfirmationIn the Next page choose “yes” and press Enter.
step10-linux-windows-android-installation-virtualbox-boot-loader-confirmSTEP 10:

step10-linux-windows-android-installation-virtualbox-boot-loader-confirm1STEP 11: Android Operating System will be installed Now.

step11-linux-windows-android-installation-virtualbox-writing-os-dataSTEP 12 :
Once Installed, Run Androidstep12-linux-windows-android-installation-virtualbox-run-androidstep13-linux-windows-android-live-androidSTEP 13 :
After Android booted, use the “TAB” button once and press Enter.

step-final-linux-windows-settingup-androidSkip the Wifi setup.
STEP 14 :
Here, You will be asked use a Google account, which i dont have to explain it. You do the rest. 🙂

step-final-linux-windows-android-settingup-google-accountfinal-thats-allNow, to make your mouse work on the Android.
Power Off the Android

Open the settings of this virtualbox configuration and click “Settings”virtual-box-android-mouse-setup

second & easy Method for enabling the Mouse is  >> Choose the “Machine” Menu and click “Disable Mouse Integration”
Simply Press Left CTRL + I buttons together.

I hope, i helped a few in ending their search for using the Android on a WIndows or Linux Operating System.
do drop in your comments,
thanks for reading and supporting us.


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