how to reset or how to change password for nagasi admin java hosting application

Steps to change password for nagasi admin
NGASI, CPANEL reset admin password. Forgot admin Password

Ngasi may be old software, but none can work as it is.

A good application, which offers java on a shared hosting packages and make the java hosting affordable.

If you have forgotten the admin password, it can be reset to the default (coolgeek) by performing the following

steps 1 :

open the following file in your favorite text editor:

steps 2 :
Insert the following SQL statement at the beginning of the file

steps 3 :
Save the file.
steps 4 :
Restart NGASI AppServer Manager.

steps 5 :
Login into NGASI AppServer Manager as admin with the password coolgeek.

steps 6 :Reopen the above file and remove the inserted SQL statement.

steps 7 :Save the file once more.

steps 8 :Restart NGASI AppServer Manager again.

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