Improve your Conversion Online

Do I have your attention? Anyone trying to make a living online is interested in one thing, improving conversions. As a veteran Internet marketing, I have seen many websites and blogs miss one of their greatest opportunities for growth. The answer is actually quite simple, make the most of your list.

Maybe you have your own e-mail list of fifty-thousand names or more. Perhaps you have a small list of several dozen customers who are emailed your questions or comments. No matter where you start, have a list is only part of the equation. Marketers most successful that I know use their lists in a variety of ways to build relationships and sell products that are a win-win for both buyer and seller.

The first way to use your list is through an autoresponder sequence. If you’re not using an autoresponder, I suggest you search online for automated answering services. Popular services like Aweber charge only twenty dollars a month, allowing you to send unlimited messages. These messages should position yourself as an expert, providing ideas for purchase, and continually add value.

The second way to use your list effectively is to provide advance notification of product launches. There are many super affiliates who use their list this way, generating tens of thousands of dollars per month. Once you know an affiliate product being launched within six to eight weeks, the map at a pre-launch communication plan that reaches out to people before the launch. This may include access to product information, downloads, videos, etc., to build anticipation around the launch day. When the day comes to run, create a sense of immediacy and rarity – purchases will follow.

The third way to exploit the power of your list is by referrers, build a list even more important you can communicate with it. Ask you to those who register for your list, check with your company, products or services to others? Make your emails easy to transmit and to encourage referrals. This is a great way to reach individuals who are more likely to value your content and accept your offer.

The last method to mobilize a mailing list is to communicate on a regular basis. Your auto-responder sequence should include a series of messages spread out over time. By remaining constantly in front of your list and use the content that you offer value, they must remain mobilized and have a higher propensity to buy from you.

The time to start building your email list is now. In parallel, be sure to focus your energies on leveraging that list by using appropriate techniques. Having a big list is, but unless you use it correctly, you will never see the true value inherent in the list itself.


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