Processing single domains statistics on Plesk Windows

Running statistics on Windows Plesk Servers will take huge time to complete.

What, If you wanted to know the current usage of one domains ?
What If you wanted to  once domains stats immediately ?

Well, you dont have to run the statistics.exe command of plesk and wait for long time.

I have searched the Internet a lot for processing only one domains statistics on the Plesk Windows Platform. I cant fine one.

So, this is for some one who wanted.

Once you logged into the server through RDP, open a cmd prompt and type >>  cd %plesk_bin%
This will change directory to
C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Plesk\admin\bin\
Type the below command, and change the domain to your domain name

statistics --disk-usage

If you are running Plesk for Windows 11 & Higher use the Below Command.

statistics.exe --generate-domain-webstat

You can also recalculate statistics for domain

"%plesk_bin%\statistics.exe" --calculate-one --domain-name
"%plesk_bin%\statistics.exe" --generate-domain-webstat --domain-name

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