SquareBrothers Offers 2 Months Free on VPS Server

SquareBrothers.com is one of the leading hosting company in india, whose been in the industry from 2000,

Square Brothers LogoSquareBrothers has their own Hardwares, Bandwidth and Own Ips, Unlike others who rent servers monthly and sell it.

No Special coupons or codes required to order the vps.
Just order the vps, choose 12 months as your period and olah 2months free applied.

Rs. 3999/MonthRs. 2999/MonthRs.1699/Month
80 GB Disk Space60 GB Disk Space40 GB Disk Space
2048 MB Guaranteed RAM1024 MB Guaranteed RAM512 MB Guaranteed RAM
4 Cores2 Cores1 Core
1000 GB Bandwidth500 GB Bandwidth300 GB Bandwidth
OS CentOS / WindowsOS CentOS / WindowsOS CentOS / Windows
2 Dedicated IP(s)2 Dedicated IP(s)2 Dedicated IP(s)
Hardware Based Virtualization
No Overselling
Guranteed Resources
Swap space
Can Install Linux/Windows OS
Best for Running Java apps
Highly configurable
Boot from your own PV-OPS kernel via PV-Grub
Good Performance Compare With Virtuozzo and openVZ


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