/var/cpanel/bandwidth causing issue on /var full in cpanel

Issue : /var/cpanel/bandwidth causing issue on /var full in cpanel

When you get the issue of /var is full,

normally it happens because the following using the more space
1. Bandwidth files of the domains hosted.
2. Logs files of the server, which includes cpanel, mail, mysql & all other services running the Server
3. Due to Mysql Usage.

Here we are going to resolve the issue which caused due tot he bandwidth files.

Generally the Location will be /var/cpanel/bandwidth
This files are not not log files, which cannot rotated and even if you rotate it will not help you in reducing the files size.

Instead of deleting the directory, move the files to a location where you have more storage, then sym link to the old location

Use the Below Commands :
# mv /var/cpanel/bandwidth /home/bandwidth
# ln -s /home/bandwidth /var/cpanel/bandwidth


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