How to install or uninstall Internet Explorer

How to install or uninstall Internet Explorer

Still in the Internet World, Microsoft Internet Explorer is the top Browser used.
Overall combining, Internet Explorer Versions(..,8,9,10,11) IE is the Top Browser.

Even though, Many insisting not have the IE installed on their Personal Computers. What every may be the reason we will not be discussing it here.

Installing Internet Explorer on your PC

STEP 1 : Visit Internet Explorer Download Page
1.Online –
2.Offline –

STEP 2 : Select the language you want to install and your version of Windows, and then click Download.

As showed on the Below image.

STEP 3 : When you click download, you will be asked save the file. Save it on your PC.

STEP 4 : After downloading, double click the downloaded file,

it will show you the “User Account Control Dialog box””, click Continue.

continue the installation Process, Once Installed.

STEP 5 :

Click either
Restart now (recommended) (to finish the installation process now).
Restart later

Uninstalling Internet Explorer from your PC

The step is very simple and easy to follow.


You can use the same methods on Windows 7 and Windows 8 only difference is on getting into the add remove programs.
STEP 1 : Click the Start button or Press Windows key on your keyboard.
STEP 2 : Now Type (Uninstall a program) in the search box, and then click Uninstall a program.
You will get the Add/Remove Programs Windows,
STEP 3 :  Under Uninstall an update, scroll down to the Microsoft Windows section.

Right-click Windows Internet Explorer, click Uninstall, and click Yes.


If you see the internet explorer on the Add/Remove Programs Right-click and Uninstall.

After the Uninstall

STEP 4 :
Click either
Restart now (recommended) (to finish the installation process now).
Restart later

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