How to install whatsapp on Windows and Linux Operating Systems

How to install whatsapp on Windows and Linux Operating Systems

How to install whatsapp on Windows and Linux Operating Systems

We have already covered about installing x86 Android KITKAT 4.4 on Windows and Linux Operating systems.

You can follow this link to complete the Process.

Once you have installed the Android. You can simply follow the normal steps you do to install Whatsapp.

but,  here one cache, that is that you cannot able to install the whatsapp directly because the installation is like a TAB install.

so, we are going to do a workaround, its simple.
You will need to download the whatsapp apk file directly to your Android and install it as normally.

You can download the whatsapp.apk Download whatsapp.apk

You can use the website to download it on the PC and copy the files to the android installation.
Once you visit the above url, type com.whatsapp and click “Generate Download Link” button.
Now, You will be shown the download link in green color button.

We will now, navigate the installation process.
once you copied this .apk file other steps are simple as eating pie.

STEP 1 : Open Android, use (File Manager)explorer and navingate to the .apk file and open the file.

STEP 2 : You will be shown many details like what permissions you need and what will be charged & etc.. Just click NEXT button.

STEP 3 : Now, click Install. Whatsapp is install and click Open

STEP 4 : You will be shown a Alert, as it is a custom rom of X86 for installation in Windows and Linux Operating system, Just click OK.

STEP 5 : Here you will be show a message, that whatsapp is not support on tablet, just proceed or cancel the prompt.
Fill in the details, choose the country and type in your Mobile number and click OK.

STEP 6 : Confirm the mobile number and click ok to continue.

STEP 7 : SMS verification, its little tricky but not hard.
Without closing the app, Open the browser and type in the URL you received on your Mobile no.
eg. (make sure you type http:// before url)


Thats it, your whatsapp is verified and happy messaging.


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