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Plesk version 12 throws error Internal error The system cannot find the file specified Recent update from the Plesk version 12 from odin crashed few files & its content. due to this you get the below error. Internal error: The system cannot find the file specified. Message The system cannot find the file specified. File Hierarchical.php Line 105 Type Exception  To Resolve the issue : odin also released a new path to address the issue. Reinstall the update using the command from console:

[/crayon] You can also use Plesk Panels GUI to update this micro update.  

how to configure pop3 imap email-id in thunderbird How to configure pop3 imap email-id in thunderbird, step by step guide for easy understanding. First Step is to install the Thunderbird on your Computer. We have already covered about installing the Thunderbird on Windows, Linux and MAC operating systems.You can find it here STEP 1 : Open the thunderbird, Choose Tools and click Account Settings STEP 2 : Now, click Account Actions as shown on the image below and click >> Add Mail Account. STEP 3 : Now, Type in the details you wan to show as your name, Read more…

subscriptions were not removed Unable to remove domain Parallels Plesk Error: Some of the selected subscriptions were not removed. Unable to remove domain: cObject::update() failed: Some fields are empty or contain an improper value. (‘opt’ = ”) The issue is caused by database inconsistency. The opt value is missing in psa.dns_recs table for affected domains eg. domain.extn

This can be resolved by adding required records on the psa.dns_recs table. First you need to login to the mysql of the plesk. On Linux On Plesk 11.0 and older:

From Plesk 11.5 You can use the single command Read more…

repair.exe Repairing plesk accounts an update to our Earlier Post repair.exe Repairing plesk accounts an update to our Earlier Post This is an update to our Earlier post Here with More Examples. The

utility is used to repair various Panel configuration parameters that might be changed or broken, for example, after upgrading from older Panel versions or manual editing of configuration files. Most of the commands of this utility are executed automatically during the upgrade to Panel 11.5, however, you can run the commands manually if you need to repair corresponding configuration parameters . With this utility, Read more…

Parallels plesk windows repair.exe command repair.exe command can be found at location “%plesk_cli%\ You can go to this path by typing

Available commands:


Workaround resolving Recovery or Suspect mode MSSQL 2005 I found this article on a website, though of sharing it on my blog. You can run the following SQL query to get the database to the EMERGENCY mode. ALTER DATABASE  dbname  SET  EMERGENCY Once altered the database to Emergency mode, Enter the below ALTER DATABASE  dbname  SET SINGLE_USER Now, You can execute the below command to repair the broken / recover / suspect mssql database DBCC CheckDB (dbname , REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS) Once done, get back the MSSQL mode to multi user ALTER DATABASE  dbname  SET MULTI_USER change the dbname to Read more…

After Plesk v8.5, many are having hard time in taking & restoring the data from backup. To restore a hosting account, (one single domain name) First, get the domain name & the path of the backups files stored. Normally, the path will be

Now, Lets see the command to execute, The comman line utility name is pleskrestore, which is located in Plesk bin folder not plesk admin bin directory

To restore domains owned by Plesk admin:

On windows, the backup repository path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Plesk\Backup To restore a domain under a reseller


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